Faldo Series

Terms of Entry

I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Faldo Series.

I confirm that my current handicap listed on my application is accurate at time of registration.

Please note the following handicap limits:

  • Boys Under 21 – Max H/cap – 4
  • Boys Under 18 – Max H/cap – 6
  • Boys Under 16 – Max H/cap – 8
  • Girls Under 21 – Max H/cap – 10
  • Girls Under 16 – Max H/cap – 12

I will advise the Faldo Series office if my handicap is adjusted prior to the ballot.

I understand that membership includes one practice round, three competition rounds, plus merchandise as supplied by sponsors.

I understand that all entries are subject to a ballot.

In the event that I am balloted out, I understand that the membership fee will be refunded.

I accept that if I make the Ballot and choose to withdraw from the Event with less than seven days notice in writing (by email) I will forfeit my entry fee.

I understand that entries for all UK events will close by 11.45pm, 30 Days Prior to each Event.

I understand that a CUT will take place at the end of Round 2 for all 3 Round events to 60% of each age category.

Faldo Series reserves the right to extend either entry deadline.

Faldo Series reserves the right to merge any age-categories after the entry deadline. Each age category must have a minimum number of 6 players entered into the event in order for the age category to proceed.

I accept that it is my responsibility to have a current individual travel/personal accident policy. The Faldo Trust will not be held responsible for claims relating to travel disruption, cancellation or accident/illness whilst travelling.

I accept that I may be required to use a Personal Scoring Device for my Match during the Event, this is to facilitate Live Scoring. I will make every effort to fulfil my obligations with regard to this.

I am happy to be considered for a Faldo Series related interview and/or photo opportunity with the media.

I understand that should I qualify for the Faldo Series Grand Final the Faldo Series will make arrangements for players only.

Privacy Policy

The Faldo Series take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. This website complies to all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

In the event that a player is balloted out, their entry fee will be refunded.

All entries can be cancelled up until 7 days before tournament start date.

Delivery Policy

Confirmation of entry will be sent via email.